Establish the Order

What Kind of Information Do I Need to Establish a Child Support Order?

It is helpful if you can provide:

  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Employer
  • Non-Custodial Parent’S Address
  • Property Holdings and Investments
  • Social Security Number

Look for this information in:

  • Credit Card or Other Applications
  • Hospital Records
  • Old Insurance Policies
  • Police Records and Birth Certificates to Which You Have Legal Access
  • State and Federal Tax Returns

Non-Custodial Options

You may be able to get information from the non-custodial parent’s business associates, friends, or relatives. Also, please provide copies of any existing court orders and records of payments. If you can provide the non-custodial parent’s date of birth, father’s name, and mother’s maiden name, the child support agency may be able to obtain information from the:

  • Armed Forces
  • Department of Defense
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Selective Service Administration
  • Social Security Administration
  • Veterans’ Administration

If you can provide the non-custodial parent’s social security number, the child support agency can obtain information from all state and federal files. Be aware, however, that finding a non-custodial parent through these sources make take several months.