Criminal Prosecution

Services & Responsibilities

The Henderson County Attorney’s office Criminal Action Division is responsible for the prosecution of violations of criminal law in Henderson County within the district courts for all traffic and misdemeanor offenses, including DUIs, cold checks, and domestic violence. The County Attorney’s office is also responsible for prosecutions of juvenile offenses and conducting preliminary hearings on felony offenses.

In addition to prosecuting crimes, the County Attorney’s office assists individuals in seeking guardianship over loved ones and represents the Cabinet for Families and Children in Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse cases before the Henderson Family Court. The County Attorney is also a member of the Henderson District Court’s Juvenile Drug Court Team which is aimed at early intervention and treatment of teen addicts. The office is responsible for reviewing reports of criminal offenses submitted by the Kentucky State Police, Henderson Police Department, and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department.

The Criminal Process

If you are the victim of a crime it is important that you understand the process of bringing criminal charges. You need to contact the appropriate police agency to report the crime. If the crime occurred within the city limits of Henderson contact, the Henderson Police Department (270-831-1295). If the crime occurred outside the Henderson city limits, contact the Henderson Sheriff’s Department (270-826-2713) or the Kentucky State Police (800-222-5555).

Investigation Process

An officer will begin an investigation and write a report containing all information received during the investigation. Upon completion of the officer’s investigation the report it is submitted to the County Attorney for review. If there is probable cause to believe that offense occurred and the defendant committed the offense, then a warrant or summons is issued and signed by the reporting officer and district judge. Once the warrant or summons is signed, it is then served upon the defendant.

If it is a warrant the defendant will be arrested and taken to jail. If it is a summons, the defendant will be given a date to appear before the court. Once the defendant appears in court, a number of things may happen. The case may be continued to another court date (which may happen often for a number of reasons), the case may be dismissed, the case may be set for pre-trial conference and trial; or the defendant may enter a guilty plea and be sentenced by the judge.

Our office understands that the judicial system can be very confusing and intimidating. We make every effort to use our role in the process to keep things moving quickly. If you have concerns about a particular case, please contact a member of our prosecution team at 270-827-5753.