Delinquent County Taxes

Tax Collection

Part of the duties of the county attorney’s office is to collect delinquent ad valorem / property taxes. Once the delinquent taxes have been transferred from the sheriff’s office to the county clerk’s office, it is then the responsibility of the county attorney’s office to collect the delinquent tax bills. It is our goal to do this with respect and compassion while also keeping in mind the best interest of the county.

County's Experience & Recommendations

In recent years we have noticed a phenomenon where certain out of state companies have come in to our county and purchased delinquent property taxes for investment purposes. Delinquent property tax bills earn 12% interest per annum. When third parties purchase tax bills they can also charge administrative fees and attorney fees which can turn into substantial amounts of money. Each citizen is encouraged to pay their property taxes timely to avoid these additional expenses.

Easier Financial Setup - Do a Contract

For those individuals who have had difficulties with their finances and are unable to pay on a timely basis, a contract may be set up through the county attorney’s office to assist them in making payments to avoid outside entities from purchasing the tax bills. Please be advised that such agreements include payment of the greater of $100 per month or 1/12 of the total bill per month. The County Attorney reserves the right to refuse to enter into such agreements deemed not in the county’s best interest. For more information you can contact Kyle at the County Attorney’s Office (270-827-5753).