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Knowing that good decisions can only come from good information, my office undertook the task to try to develop a quick easy-to-understand way for policymakers and citizens to assess the financial health of the county and to look at long-term trends. In creating the HEART database, we gathered data from various flings and reports from several entities and displayed it as simply and visually as possible. using the input of the County Judge Executive and the Fiscal Court Many thanks go to Assistant County Attorney Kyle Evans for his hard work in making this database a reality.

While this information is very valuable to county decision makers. believe it is just as important to make it available to every citizen of the county. As President Lincoln said, "Let the people know the facts. and the country will be safe.'

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Note: Just a quick note about the functionality of the Database - It is best viewed on a desktop or laptop PC, not on a mobile device, because in order to ’drill down" to more data in some areas requires a double-click. We apologize to mobile users for inconvenience of the diminished functionality on those devices. If you are having trouble or want to view the database larger, try the desktop view.

In addition to providing an up-to-date financial snapshot of the current fiscal year, we have compiled annual data beginning with Fiscal Year 2006 until present in our Historical Dashboard. The Historical Dashboard tracks overall expenses and fund performance during each Fiscal Year to provide an overview of financial trends experienced by the County. To view the historical database, click here.

To view the FY 2022 dashboard, please click FY 2022.

Please check back often for updates to the current fiscal year dashboard and, additionally, for new or improved historical dashboards. These dashboards are made for transparency for both public officials and citizens. If you believe certain information or dashboards would be helpful, please email kevans@hendersonky.us with your specific recommendations for the HEART database.