Electrical Permit Requirements

    When is an electrical permit required?

  • erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical system of which is regulated by the Kentucky Building and Electrical Codes

  • Examples that would require an electical permit:

  • Adding a new circuit and/or wiring for appliances such as an air conditioner or sump pump

  • Installing and/or adding receptacles or light fixtures where one did not exist before

  • Installing and/or adding a new electrical panel and breakers

  • Restoring power after it has been interrupted because of a hazardous condition or disconnected longer than one year.

  • Costs:

  • Single-Family Residential: $75:00 per inspection

  • Industrial & Commercial: 1.5% of electircal contract

  • Small Commercial: $1.25 per amp (based on size of service enrollment)

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