Henderson County Coroner's Office

P.O. Box 411

Henderson, KY 42419

Office: 270-826-0260

Fax: 270-827-7391

The Coroner's Office shall investigate the cause and manner of all deaths that are defined by KRS 72.025 as a coroner's case. Such as a Homicide, Suicide, Drugs or Poisons, Auto Accident, Police Custody, Jail Custody, Fire or Explsion, Child Abuse, Under age 40 with a medical history, Skeletonized remains, Drowning, Infant deaths, Work Accident, General Accidents, Not under physician care, Body to be Cremated, All deaths other than natural death, Circumstances of death that cannot rule out a crime. KRS 72.415 gives coroner's and their deputies the full power and authority of peace officers.

Bruce Farmer

Coroner: Bruce Farmer

Certified Coroner: 2007 - Present
Certified Deputy Coroner:1985-1997 1998-2007
Kentucky Emergency Medical Technician
1974 - Present
Henderson Ambulance Service: 1977-Present

Don Farris

Chief Deputy: Don Farris

Certified Deputy Coroner: 1999-Present
Henderson County Sheriff's Department: 2007-Present
Henderson Police Department: 1973-1998

Bill Schwartz

Deputy Coroner: Bill Schwartz

Certified Deputy Coroner: 1988-Present
Henderson Police Department: 1972-1989
Pastor, Abundant Life Assembly of God 2000-Present
Director of Patient Representation at Methodist Hospital: 1999-2010
Henderson County Sheriff's Department: 2014-Present

Ray Farmer

Deputy Coroner: C. Ray Farmer

Certified Deputy Coroner: 2005-Present
Kentucky Funeral Director & Embalmer: 1966-Present
Kentucky Emergency Medical Technician: 1972-Present
Henderson County Volunteer Fireman: 1968-Present
Kentucky State Firefighter Instructor, Level 2: 1976-Present

Shelia Patterson

Deputy Coroner: Shelia Patterson

Certified Deputy Coroner: 2006-Present
Registered Nurse: 1973-Present
Methodist Hospital: 1980-2012
Nursing Supervisor: 1982-2012

Deputy Coroner: Billy Schwartz

Certified Deputy Coroner: 2014-Present
Henderson City Fire Department: 1998-Present