Henderson County Sheriff

Ed Brady


Welcome to the Henderson County Sheriff's Office. My staff and I are hopeful you will find our web site to be informative and useful. The Henderson County Sheriff's Office has undergone dramatic change in the past four years. Deputies have received new and updated technology, new equipment and increased salaries. Our drug arrest are up almost 400% from the previous four years and traffic enforcement, criminal arrest and crime reduction services are at an all-time high.

Deputies now routinely visit county schools and are using high visibility patrols to reduce the crime rate. Deputy patrol in rural areas and especially in farming areas and river bottoms have been reemphasized. Our office staff has extended office hours in tax season and now allow taxes to be paid by cash, check or credit card. Whether our duty is patroling the roads, preventing or investigating crime, providing security for our court system, serving civil service papers or collecting taxes, our personnel continually strive to provide professional and courteous service. Our staff is looking for ways to better serve our citizens in the most convienent and effecient way.

It is an honor and priviledge to serve as your Sheriff. Please let me know how we may provide you and your family with the best service possible. Our men and women are proud to be a part of county government and to serving you, our citizens.