In nearly every case, the CATS program is quicker and costs less money than any of the other options available to a traffic offender. Find a comparison of your options (PDF).

Comparison of Options

Total CostTime InvolvedPossible Increase in Insurance PremiumsConviction Record
$125* (for violations on or after May 1, 2015) for CATS
3 Hours for CATS
No for Cats
No for Cats
$159 plus fine for State Traffic School
4 Hours and attend one (1) court date for the School
Yes for SchoolYes for School
$144 plus fine if plead guilty
Attend one (1) court date for guilty plea
Yes for guilty plea
Yes for guilty plea
Depends on verdict for trials
Attend three (3) court dates for trials
Depends on verdict of trial
Depends on verdict of trial

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*For the live course. The increase price takes effect for any violation on or after May 1, 2015 due to Senate Bill 117 as the CATS Program will now be required to pay $55 per participant in lieu of court costs. For violations occurring prior to May 1, 2015, the fee for the LIVE Program will be $100. For individuals completing the ONLINE course, there is an additional fee.

Completion Details

Upon successful completion of the CATS Program, the Henderson County Attorney will recommend that the charge be dismissed. As a result, no points are added to the operator’s license. Additionally, no conviction is reported on your motor vehicle record (MVR), which is what insurance companies use to set your insurance rates.

The vast majority of our participants never have to appear in court and hopefully have become a better driver, making our roads safer in Henderson County, Kentucky.