FAQ - Culvert/Driveway Entrance

Q.  Why can't I put in my own driveway culvert?

A.  The Fiscal Court enacted a resolution on 8/7/1990 to ensure proper drainage was maintained on all county roads. The resolution specifies the minimum length and diameter allowed in the right-of-way. The resolution placed the burden of proper install on the road department to maintain adequate drainage.

Q.  Who pays for driveway entrance culverts?

A.  The homeowner is responsible for the cost of install which includes culvert pipe (min. 30x15), rock materials, labor and equipment.

Q.  Who do I contact for a culvert install?

A.  Within city limits, please contact the city garage at 270-831-1234.  If you live on a numbered road (i.e. US HWY 1078), please contact the state road department at 270-826-4145.  All others should contact the Henderson County Road Department at 270-826-8843.