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Request For More Information (Child Support)

  1. Have questions about the Child Support Enforcement program for our Child Support Division?

    For more information about the Child Support Enforcement Program, visit

    If you have questions for our Child Support Division, please complete the following form and a member of our staff will follow-up with you at their earliest convenience.

    Please be advised that this is not a secure form. You should not submit personal information (social security number, financial information, medical information, passwords, etc.) and you should not use this form if you are requesting information about a specific case. To access your case information, please log in at or contact your caseworker (270-827-5753) to speak confidentially about your child support case. 

    Please note that the Child Support Division cannot provide information about a specific case to anyone who is not a party to that case or who is not authorized by law or policy to obtain such information.

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